2018 F-One Foil Carbon Race


Brand F-One

2018 F-One Foil Carbon Race is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

2018 F-One Kite Foil Carbon DKF Race

KITEFOIL CARBON DKF 105 RACE / 510 LD - 540 RACE. - 2018

Really light and maneuverable, the F-ONE KITEFOIL range is the new way to sail, and fly over water. It has been created to provide the best weapon dedicated to all riders.

The hydrofoil is more than a new discipline; It is a completely new world. The Kitefoil range of F-ONE has been developed with the most experienced riders and each element that composes it has been designed to offer the best experience imaginable in the water, either as a beginner or if you already master the magic of foiling.

With the innovation deeply rooted in its DNA, the F-ONE team has worked tirelessly to design, test and optimize this new range. The shapes and profiles have been carefully selected and optimized by the internal naval architect of F-ONE, and the assembly concept of the components has been designed for ease of use.


Area: 510cm² 
Aspect ratio: 6.4 
Weight: 0.55 kg

The Race 510 is a mid-size high-performance wing for a high-performance flight, to compete or bite with your friends on the other side of the bay.

Its flatter arc in the center, is transformed in inclined form towards the tip to provide a good control, its size and profile are optimized to offer a great potential of speed. The torsion increases progressively along the stretch to reduce drag when pressed hard and make the wing more tolerant when flying close to the free surface.

The long distance wing 510 benefits from the same rugged PRE-PREG carbon construction molded onto a CARBON FORGED core for maximum rigidity.

Designed to be fast in all types of conditions, the Race 510 wing is versatile in all directions from long to tight and is therefore ideal for long distance races.



Area: 540cm² 
Aspect Ratio: 6.7 
Weight: 0.64 Kg

The Race 540 is aimed at light and medium wind conditions and is designed to be a weapon for short races of many tight and long.

Its profile and area are an evolution of the Race 510 and provides more speed in tightness as long as you exercise the optimal force with your legs, without restricting the speed to the length. Its flatter bow in the center that transforms to lean towards the tip provides great control and enough comfort to accelerate. The distribution of torsion along the stretch makes the wing very tolerant, even when flying close to the surface.

The Race 540 wing benefits from the same robust Pre-preg carbon construction molded onto a forged carbon core for maximum rigidity.

Developed by our best riders to reach the first buoy in the first place and fly faster than the wind, this foil shows impressive efficiency to dominate any competition.